FUSION SkinCare & BodyWorks  - RICK'S
Chemical Peels: Using blend of TCA and Jessner's--these treatments will promote cell turnover and treat long-term skin damage and issues.
For Oily/Problematic Skin Types
Help repair and reduce breakouts, control oil, soften lines and provide a more even, smoother skin texture
For Aging/ Drier Skin Types
Specially formulated to treat dehydrated, maturing skin. It is appropriate for many other skin types, conditions and sensitivity. Helps treat pigment disorders, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and acne
For Sensitive/Ethic Skin Types
Primarily designed for ethnic skin and other extremely sensitive type. This will strengthen and brighten the skin while helping to treat sun damage and other forms of hyperpigmentation
Microdermabrasion: This is a mechanical form of deeper exfoliation that can be as an alternative to, or in conjunction with, chemical peeling.
The outermost layer of the skin cells is removed and it stimulates cell growth in the underlying dermis. Helps give a smoother, fresher appearance to the skin
Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel Combo
This treatment is recommended to provide a deeper exfoliation so the peel can penetrate deeper into the skin. This will leave the skin brighter and more hydrated while addressing treatable skin conditions
Peel Alternatives: are treatments to keep skin free of pollutants and toxins, leading to a brighter and clearer complexion
Detox Deep Pore Treatment
This active blend of various acids effectively penetrates pores to dissolve impactions and blackheads, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and remove excess cell debris to leave skin hydrated, purified and clear
Oxygenating Trio
Corrects and prevents free radical damage, helps stimulate oxygenation and circulation within the skin, rejuvenating sluggish, stressed skin as it draws oxygen to the skin’s surface
Add Ons:
$15 each
A Mask can be added to Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion or Peel Alternative, as a Pre-Treat, for additional results
Mask Includes:
Oat Milk Mask (Hydrate): An excellent humectant ans antioxidant that effectively manages dry and sensitive skin conditions
Papaya Mask (Revitalize): Brightens dull complexion while drawing moisture to the surface to keep skin soft and hydrated
Salicylic Acid Mask (Clarify): Is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to quickly and effectively clear and prevent breakouts
Pumpkin Mask (Retexturize): Address thick, resilient skin with acne, sun damage or hyperkeratolytic buildup.
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